Snocoming Shenanigans

Jessica Kramer

Snocoming week goes out with a bang at pepfest

      He shoots, he scores! The crowd is going wild. This may sound like a basketball game, but it’s actually the Snocoming pepfest! The 2020 Snocoming pepfest had loads of activities for each grade to participate in, free throw shots being one of them. Junior Ryley Hagen and Mary Rose were the only two to make the shot. Hagen said, “I thought it was going right in when I shot it, but it got a good bounce and went in.” His basketball experience definitely helped him out. 

      Among the numerous events that day was the crowning of Snocoming royalty. The winners in grades 10-12 were: Jordyn Demarais and Elijah Elsenpeter(10), Madeline Gindele and Hayden Wurm(11), and Emily Miller and Jeffery Henrikson(12). “I was surprised when I won and felt like going home,” said Wurm jokingly. 

      Besides the free throw shots and crowning, there was other activities such as guess the song, scavenger hunt, musical chairs, tug of war, and even a promposal. Senior Emily Miller said, “My favorite moment was watching Mary Rose score the basket and the entire student body went nuts.” 

      The Snocoming pepfest 2020 was yet again very memorable and exciting.