Defend ‘till the end

Brooklyn Ernhart

Chem + Focus = Victory

With determination and focus, the girls faced Royalton. Sophomore Bryn Elsenpeter said, “Although we lost, it really benefited our team, our faith in each other and our growth.” They had great defense in the game against Royalton and stopped them from shooting for the first three minutes of the game. 

Excited and ready, the point guard worked to set the play up with success. Junior captain Augusta DeMarais said, “To prepare for this game, we were ready for anything that came at us defensively.” Royalton being number one in the conference, the girls were still very proud of themselves and the outcome.

The girls have been working on plays to make them even more successful, one of them being four-out.”The idea of the play is to spread the floor and have good spacing on the court,” said Sophomore Ella Kiebel. Despite the challenging defenses the girls have faced, they are optimistic about the season moving forward.

Practice makes perfect and makes every practice count. Junior captain Megan Lind said, “In practice we have been working on communication and being strong with the ball.” This year’s basketball team is not only strong with the ball but is strong team chemistry. The team chemistry has helped them to defend until the end