Pin n’ Win

Natalie Neumann

The gymnasium erupts with the fans cheering on the home team as the last few seconds tick down on the clock. The match finished, the arm is raised, the crowd cheered on the winner of the wrestling match. 

During a match, spectators may see wrestlers pacing and they wonder what’s going through their mind. Sophomore Zachary Pirbyl said, “I’m thinking about how a granby move can win my match and supporting the team score to win the dual or triangular meet.” 

The first match of the meet sets the tone of the night. Freshman Noah Gindele said, “I think my match is the one that sets the mentality of the rest of the matches.”

Another aspect of wrestling is cutting weight. Junior Adam Neumann, a captain, has to cut weight for matches to continue to wrestle the 170 pound weight class.”The hardest part of cutting weight is deciding what to eat to keep yourself under the weight your coach wants you to wrestle for the next meet,” said Neumann. 

The ANML lightning coop has a record of 18-6. They wrestle Scott West/Jordan Friday February 7 at 6 p.m.