Writers in Wax

Jessica Kramer

Have you ever wanted to be a famous person, or more specifically a writer? Well if you are a part of Mrs. Durst’s senior English class you are in luck. On Wednesday, February 5, Maple Lake High School held the wax museum which consisted of students dressing up as a famous author or a character written by that author. You could find anyone from Stephen King to Harper Lee.

When it comes to getting a grade, they were graded on presentation, poster board, and appearance. Luckily, they had plenty of time to get things ready. “It took about two weeks, but we had a lot of class time and everything was mostly done in school,” said Senior Keiara Anderson, who portrayed Anne Frank. 

Before they could present their project, they needed to choose an author. Senior Jeffrey Henrikson said, “I chose my author (William Shakespear) because there was a lot of information on him. 

Anderson said, “It’s been an ongoing joke since tenth grade that I look like Anne Frank and I thought it would be funny to portray her for the assignment.”

Abby Latour said, “Her life seemed interesting and I wanted to know more about her,” her character was Agatha Christie.

On the day of the wax museum, you might have thought it would be hard to stay still, but apparently it’s not so bad. Henrikson said, “We got to move every couple minutes so it wasn’t too hard.” Overall they all agreed it was fun.

Henrikson said, “ it wasn’t really tough at all and that was my favorite part.”

While Latour said, “I liked that it was something different to do in English instead of reading a book and taking a test.” Although it was fun, they are glad they won’t stay frozen forever.