You betcha it will snow

Nathan Paumen

In the world right now, only 33% of  people have ever seen snow. In that 33% of people everyone has their own favorite activities to do. When it comes to snow in Minnesota, the snowmobilers are definitely the biggest fans of it. There are approximately 220,000 snowmobilers registered in the state. “I love breaking in my new Arctic Cat Alpha by riding it to and from school,”said Sophomore Brady Jenson. Arctic cat started right here in Minnesota.


Every Monday after school kids in ski club head up to Powder Ridge to shred some slopes and relieve some stress. “I like going snowboarding after a long day of school,” said Senior Rayne Jacobson. Ski club is an awesome way to forget about the stress   that school brings and have a good time with your friends in the snow.


Along with snow comes cold weather and ice. “I love going ice fishing with my friends and family on all the lakes,’’ said Sophomore Mason Mills. When it comes to ice fishing Minneaosta has many lakes to choose from.


As the snow and ice gradually go away, kids in Maple Lake try to do their last minute activities.