Bionic Brains

Brooke Mergen

Beep.Bop.Boop. That is what some people think when they think of a robot. The robotics team is furthering robots’ reputation by creating a robot to preform a complex task. The robotics team is given task options to accomplish for their robot. “The competition tells us what tasks our robot needs to complete, and since there’s a variety of tasks that can get us points we can choose which one our robot will specialize in,” said Sophomore Alyssa Hadler. 

 Building a robot calls for jobs and organization.“There are two jobs: coding and building. I switch between both of them,” said Freshman Trevor Pribyl. 

Once the robot is built, the team gets to show off their hard work at a competition.“There is one contest at the very end of the year from March fourth to the seventh, and it is held in Duluth,” said Senior Ben Lewis. 

They all hope to place well at their only competition against 63 teams. This is the second year the robotics program has been competing.