Glitz and Glam

Emma Torblaa

Fame, beauty, and money. Celebrities have it all and live the best life. Most people want to be a celebrity or have a favorite one they like to watch or listen to. 

With celebrities’ charm and good looks, it is easy to develop a crush. Freshman Blake Jarman said, “Sommer Ray is my celebrity crush because she is my favorite YouTuber and Instagramer.” Ninety percent of teens and young adults have or had a celebrity crush.

Most people look up to a parent or friend, but some may look up to a famous person. Sophomore Kenyon Kingsbury said, “I look up to Charli D’amelio because she has all the hype and is my age.” Whether it is a singer, dancer, actor, etc, celebrities can be inspirational.

Many people dream of being famous and living the life of a celebrity. “If I could be a celebrity I would be Carrie Underwood because she is an amazing singer and performer,” said Sophomore Josie Niemiec. It can be any type of celebrity, but most people would love to live their life. 

Whether it is a crush, fascination, or looking up to one, celebrities are a huge part of people’s lives. With all of their glam and talent, celebrities leave people starstruck.