Bringing the Stage to Life

Trinity Hughes

Every year, the Maple Lake High School one act team puts on a show for their high school classmates and peers. One act performed a show called, “Ridiculosis by Proxy”, which is originally written by B. Dwayne Craft. The Maple Lake actors brought the stage to life on Friday, January 24, for their classmates and teachers. 

Director Mary Beth Barder said, “I’m very pleased with the process and the progress. This play demanded that they step outside their comfort zone.” Crew has been working on this play since November and have progressed with their performances. 


“I love the environment on performance day and when everyone from other schools puts competition aside for a bit, we just shower each other with compliments and conversations,” said Freshman Anna McClelland. For McClelland, One Act has helped her grow mentally and socially. McClelland plans on doing more One Act in the future. 


Besides the actors, there are five crew members who work on set and help with costumes and makeup. The Maple Lake’s student director this year is Sophomore Bernadette Yanta.

“Ridiculosis By Proxy” is a more challenging piece for the actors, but this year, they are determined to bring the show to life and make it their very own.