Brooke Mergen

Hands on, Hands off

Focusing on twisting off the vault, Varsity all-around Kelsi Jude blocks and hopes to stick it. “To do good on vault I just think about having power and focusing on my skill,” said Jude. Vault is her least favorite event but she still works hard and strives for greatness.

Tumblers and Twisters

Blocking off the vault, Sophomore Abby Gagon wraps and twists to land full. “During vault this control, which helps my twist,” said Gagon. Vault is Gagons favorite event because she feels she has consistent high scores.

Reaching for the Stars

Jumping with tight form, seventh graders Ashley Gaffany leaps from low bar to high bar. “I like to jump from one bar to another especially if my squat on is good,” said Gaffaney. This is her first season on the team and she is an all-around competitor on the Junior Varsity.

Grips for Kips

Casting away from the bar, ready to do a kip, caption Olivia LaTour focuses on her next skill. “During my bar routine I try to not think about it too much and just focus on my form,” said LaTour. Captain Olivia is working on big skill (cut catch) to add to her routine for later in the season.

Kelsi:1 Gravity:0

Jumping for perfection, Eighth Grader Kelsi Jude preforms a wolf three quarters and hopes to stay on the beam. “During beam I mostly think about doing it just like I’m in practice, like there aren’t even judges,” said Jude. Her beam routine scored a 8.4 and she placed first against Dassel Cokato.