Natalie Neumann

Ready to Rumble

Preparing to put the butcher move in place, Eighth Grader Shay McClory wrestles the 138 weight on the ANML team. “My favorite part of wrestling is by far the people  involved in the sport. I have most of my friends in wrestling,” McClory said.He won by a technical fall decision 18-3.

The Final Stare Down

At the GSL match up, Freshman Riley Hall gets ready for the match by staring down his opponent. “I always listen to music to take my mind off the match. Our coaches always tell us battle it out and fight to the last seconds on the clock,” Said Hall. Hall lost his match to the GSL Panthers.

Out On Top

Applauding the wrestler on the mat, the coaches scope out the move by more on the mat. Coach Steve Kosloski said, “I am thinking about how I can relay information to help the wrestlers succeed during their matches. As I watch I am trying to think as an outside source to tell them what they can’t see themselves.” Kosloski was happy about the 53-27 win on January 26.

Nice to meet you

 Getting ready to face his opponent, Sophomore Zachary Pribyl shakes the 126 pound GSL Panthers hand. “My favorite move is the Grandby because it’s a simple move to get points,” said Pribyl. The ANML Team won 53-27 against Glenco-Silver Lake Panthers.


All I do is win

Taking the win, Freshman Mitchell Koss won by a craddle pin. “I feel more energetic when the referee raises my hand at the end of the match. I want to get the team pumped up for the rest of the matches.” said Koss. Koss won in the second period with 46 seconds left.