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Jessica Kramer

Speech successful since the start of its story

When you think of speeches, it might make you nervous but for a certain group of people it’s where they get their happiness.

The national Speech and Debate Association was created in 1925 by Bruno E. Jacob to motivate high school students to participate in speech activities. Over the years the number of members rose from 100,000 in 1956, to one million members enrolled in 2000. The very first National Tournament was held at Ripon College in 1931. The tournament consisted of 49 schools from 17 states.

Ever since then the love for speech has grown and speech coach Eric Meyer is proud to be apart of it. “I have been coaching speech for 24 years total, but it’s my 22nd year at MLHS,” said Meyer. 

Meyer also said there are 13 categories of speeches with some of them being creative, discussion, humorous, and drama.

Throughout his years many things put a smile on his face, but one thing is sure to make him happy. Meyer said, “My favorite thing about speech is seeing people succeed when they thought they couldn’t in something like this.”

While speech may not be for everyone, the members in it sure seem to love it.