Presents or Paradise

Aiden Staloch

Gifts or Holiday Getaway

Would you rather be sipping on a hot chocolate at home surrounded by gifts and a warm blanket, or drinking a piña colada on the beach? Many Maple Lake students debated if they would rather get presents or go on a trip for Christmas.


“I would definitely want to go on a trip,” said Senior Keiara Anderson. “I would rather be traveling the world and seeing new things rather than just staying home.” Anderson would love to spend the holiday season somewhere warm like Italy, Greece, or France.


Seniors Grace Heying  and Caleb Hagen agree that a trip would be a better way to spend the holidays than stuck at home. Both Heying and Hagen think that money is better spent on experiences rather than objects. “I can get myself a gift or “materialistic” thing anytime, but people come and go, so you should make new memories and have new experiences while you still can,” said Hagen.


Also enjoying the idea of making memories Heying said, “I would enjoy traveling to the Mediteranean because of its history, beauty, and great culture.” Hagen would love to see the ocean but said he’s not picky and would enjoy going anywhere.


Sophomore Nathan Paumen would much rather have gifts. “You can use your gifts for a long time, while trips are only for a few days,” Paumen said. One gift he is looking for this year is an Aquaview, which is an underwater camera used for fishing.


Agreeing with Paumen Freshman Aaron Althoff said, “Gifts would be way better than a trip!” Althoff enjoys the down time the break offers. “You don’t have to worry about the hassle of where your going and how you’re getting there, but can instead relax and enjoy your gifts on you’re own time.” Althoff wants some hunting and fishing gifts for Christmas.


Whether it’s hopping on a plane or staying home for the holidays, Maple Lake students are looking forward to a break; whether they are spending it with palm trees or in zero degrees.