Mysterious Merry Christmas

Emma Torblaa

Giving Out Presents With a Twist

Although many people hate spending so much money on presents and toys, it is a different story during the holidays. Secret Santa allows people to give gifts in a sneaky way. People show kindness by giving during the holidays. 

Being Santa can be a hard task. Some tips and tricks could make that easier. Sophomore Kenyon Kingsbury said, “Some advice I would give to someone doing Secret Santa is to be sneaky and give personal gifts.”

Whether you do a gift exchange with your friends, family, or team it has the same meaning. Sophomore Ella Kiebel does secret santa with her teammates. “I do Secret Santa with the basketball team because I enjoy it and it makes our team closer,” said Kiebel. 

There are over a million gifts to give in the world but what are the best ones? According to Seventh grader Avery Lee, “Socks, blankets, and candy are the best Secret Santa gifts to give.” These gifts have a wide variety of options. 

Many consider Christmas a favorite holiday. Friends and family share the tradition of Secret Santa. A mysterious way of giving out gifts and sharing kindness.