Season of Giving

Anna Gendreau

It’s the Thought that Counts

     What is the best present you have ever gotten? Was it really expensive or home made? For Junior Noah Beffel, it’s all about the money. “The best gift I’ve ever gotten was my new phone I got last year. If I were to get a homemade sweater or something I’d probably be pretty upset.” When it comes to how good a gift is to Beffel, it better have a big price tag.

     On the other hand Junior Gabie Hoffman thinks it’s the thought that counts. “I like it when gifts are part of an inside joke or have a hidden meaning to them,” said Hoffman. This shows not everyone needs to have a huge paycheck to make someone happy on Christmas morning. 

     Lastly there is someone in the middle. “Honestly I’d be happy whether I got some vans or just a card with a nice message,” said Sophomore Neveah Lindsey. Getting people something really expensive is nice, but not always necessary. 

     When it comes to it, you got someone a nice present or not, the price tag usually shouldn’t play a factor. After all, it’s the thought that counts.