Shop Til You Drop

Jessica Kramer

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Black Friday Brings Boxes and Bags of Gifts

      50% off! Huge sale! During the season of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you have probably been seeing these signs all over. In 2019, 151 million customers participated in Black Friday shopping, and Junior Gabie Hoffman got in on the fun too. “I waited in line for six and a half hours at Mall of America on Black Friday,” said Hoffman. Holiday shopping is no joke for her. 

       While she said she preferred shopping in stores so she knows what she’s buying, Sophomore Nevaeh Lindsey decided to skip the lines this year. “I went Black Friday shopping online this year, not waiting in line was the best part,” said Lindsey. 

       Although it can be fun, there can also be a lot of stress that goes with holiday shopping. Lindsey said, “My family is hard to buy for and they don’t make good lists.” 

      Juniors Anna Gendreau and Gabie Hoffman feel the opposite. “I just buy whatever I feel like,” said Hoffman, and Gendreau agreed. Even with the big sales going on this time of the year, the totals still can get sky high. Gendreau said, “I usually spend over $200 on Christmas gifts for my 10 family members.” 

      Lindsey’s answer was similar, as she said, “I probably spend $300 for nine people.” 

      Regardless of the prices, holiday shopping is fun for all during this wonderful season of giving.