Passing the presents

Brooklyn Ernhart

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White elephant double the fun dice game

Sitting around the Christmas tree with the whole family, you shake the dice next, you hope for doubles. If you get them, it’s time to “steal” the gift from grandma.  The goal of the game is to exchange gifts with family members and hope to not go home with the same one you bought. Some families take it to the next level. Junior Noah Beffel said, “My family is extremely competitive in this game.” 

While some families spend a pretty penny on the game, other families find what’s laying around the house. “I got a pair of socks I’ve seen my grandma wear and a gift card to a place I’ve never heard of,” said Sophomore Sophie Pribyl. 

White elephant has been around since the 1820’s and this tradition continues today. Junior Logan Carlson has been playing, “For as long as I can remember.” This isn’t a time to forget about what this holiday really means, Merry Christmas to all.