Festive feasts

Nathan Paumen

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Pass the plate

When it comes to Christmas there are many different kinds of food and treats people eat. “My dad makes homemade French fries every Christmas,’’ said Senior Grace Heying. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to put on some pounds from those tasty treats.


Christmas is the time of year that families put their bickering aside and become closer as a family. One of the most popular things to do on Christmas is to makes cookies together, “Every year my family and I make gingerbread cookies together,” said Sophomore Jake Vasser. Santa Claus eats over four thousand pounds of cookies every Christmas eve night.


Some families just have goodies and treats during the holidays, but some families like to sit down as a family and enjoy a nice Christmas dinner. Just like the junk food everyone has a favorite Christmas dinner food. “My favorite food to eat on Christmas is the honey ham my mom makes,” said Freshman Eddy Neu. There is over 318 million pounds of ham eaten every Christmas.


Now that Christmas is finally here lets bring on the festive feasts and dig in.