Surviving Senior Year

Natalie Neumann

Most seniors at Maple Lake High School are surviving the senior year by taking easy classes. Senior Noah Spike said“I am taking easy classes so I don’t have to worry about much besides making memories with my friends.” 


For some seniors it is finding some activity to destress from all the homework. “I hang out with friends and keep up on my homework so I do not fall behind during my last year of high school,” said Megan Carlson


Seniors also have the option of attending Wright Technical center for programs not offered in Maple Lake. As being part of the construction class Senior Nathan Galles said “I enjoy the class because it is a class I want to take in college and as a career.”    


Some enjoy senior year just with making memories. Senior Samantha Wasserman said, “I am enjoying senior year so far. It’s been a lot of fun and I am always making so many more memories.


Seniors have always enjoyed their last year of high school. They make many memories, have fun, and enjoy the senior slide to graduation.