Trinity Hughes

Spiking Lives On

Spiking the volleyball senior, Megan Carlson, hits the ball against their opponent. Megan Carlson, who is number nine on the volleyball team, said “volleyball has made me a better person and has allowed me to make new friends and meet new people.” Carlson who has been playing volleyball since third grade, was ready to give her senior season her beats year yet.

Block This!

Going up for the block number four, Dani Geyen gets both hands on the ball. Geyen, who is a junior has been playing volleyball for eight years. Dani said she loves her team because, “These girls are all my best friends and we’ve all been on the same teams since we were little. They make the sport fun.”

Setting Our Team Above All

Taking the second touch, Senior Olivia Paumen sets the ball for the Irish hitter. Paumen, said “I love how close we are on the team and I love how we work together.” Olivia Paumen will be graduating this year and had prepared to make this season a big hit.

You just got served

Preparing to serve, Taylor Hess stays focused. Hess, said she loves volleyball because, “I get to play competitively with all my friends in front of a crowd.” The volleyball team is currently going to the semi-finals putting them two games away from state.