One Hill of a Sport 

Brooke Mergen

      Cross country runners conquer Kimball meet


While some athletes workout in a gym, cross country takes on deep woods, road races, flat courses, and many hills. The runners continue to push through the difficulty of all the different courses. 

On Monday October 7, some ran at the golf course in Kimball. The constant up and down hills challenged the team. Sophomore Abby Gagnon said, “I persevere through hills by thinking to myself that it’s going to feel like you want to die right here, but once you get over the hills you are done. So just push through and make it to the top!” 

There are many different ways to strategize while conquering a hill. “I set my eyes on the top of the hill and attack it,” said Senior Linus Brown. 

On Monday and Tuesday the team divided and conquered. Some went to Kimball on Monday, and the others went to Mora on Tuesday. The meet at Mora was to get a feel for what the course is like because sections is there on October 24. “I learned that at the end of the race there is a downward hill and it helps me,” said Sophomore Kellen Hurt. “The course was flat with a couple uphills and downhills.” 

Through big hills or flat courses the team perseveres to finish their races.