What’s Hot

Brooklyn Ernhart

The “tok” around town 

Cheetah print, Air Force ones, mom jeans. A few things that are back in style. “Retro  80’s and 90’s are coming back,” said Senior Katie Goelz. 

Not only the 80’s and 90’s are in, Tik tok is too. Tik Tok is a social media app for creating and sharing short lip-sync, comedy, and talent. People are getting famous from it. We even have a famous “Tik Toker” in our own school. “The video ‘my best friends rich check,’ made me famous. It was just for fun and a joke but blew up with 4.9 million views,” said sophmore Sawyer jurgens. 

Some like to follow trends and some people like to stand out and be different, “Wear what you like, not what others like,” said Senior Brock Goelz.

So if you don’t share Goelz’s perspective, feel free to take on the school day with your favorite pair of Birkenstocks and your biggest fuzzy sweater, feeling confident in your trendiest outfits.