Living gorgeous in fall

Nathan Paumen

We rake, we pile, we jump… we jump

Do you ever just want to have a break from school? For some students fall break is the perfect time to get away. “I’m going to see my family in Wisconsin,” said v Sophomore Kinlee Knutson. MEA break is a mini four day holiday, which makes for a great weekend getaway.

Of course students will be doing some adventurous things on their break. “A family friend and I are going duck hunting,’’ said Sophomre Alex Wurm. Fall break falls right around in the middle of hunting season making it a prime time to hunt.

However some students takeing the relaxing route over the long weekend. “I am sleeping in and playing Fortnite.” said Ty Mills. MEA break allows students to unwind and forget about homework for a couple days.

With the first couple months of school over, students use MEA break to live the good life for the long weekend.