Life Changing License

Emma Torblaa


        Warning- New Drivers On Roads

Climbing into the car, checking the mirrors, putting the seat belt on, and putting the car into drive, students begin their drivers’ test hoping to pass. When they pass, tenth graders experience many new opportunities.

With the new opportunities that come with being a licensed driver, students may be having different schedules and doing more things. Sophomore Noah Wetch said, “I go to more school games and go to work more.” Having a driver’s license lets students have more freedom and allows them to go more places. 

Driving by yourself for the first time can be stressful and nerve wrecking, but for some teenagers it gives them a sense of freedom. Most people believe driving by themselves will be weird but Sophomore Tristin Dockter said, “I was not nervous because my parents started teaching me how to drive when I was five and I have been driving ever since.” Many people enjoy driving alone and think it is fun. 

Driving can be very dangerous and many scary things can happen, especially for new drivers. With all the bad things that can happen on the roads it makes for some crazy stories. Sophomore Sophie Pribyl said, “I was driving and saw a deer so I slammed on my brakes, and it was very scary.” 

Turning 16 and getting a driver’s license is a very special day in someone’s life. It has ups and downs, but overall it gives a new level of freedom.