Grimm Speculation

Natalie Neumann

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Drama department depicts fairy tales

Masks, costumes, and makeup are these kids getting ready for Halloween? Not exactly, the seven girls preparing for the fall play need these items. Sophomore Emily Lewis said, “My favorite part of practice is when we are finally off script and we start playing with the lights and audio. The best part is when the whole production comes together.”

Most of the seven girls want to continue theater or drama classes in college. Senior Maya Benson wants to attend Anoka Tech College with a class of drama or theater production. “It would be an amazing opportunity to explore more about theater in college,” said Benson.

During practice, they girls get to play certain roles in the play. “My favorite role is when I play the devil or the crab people. I like how funny they are. Being a crab person is fun to do and get into the physicality and the movement of the character,” said Sophomore Alyssa Hadler. 

As the girls get ready with costumes, makeup, and masks, the play. The Brothers Grimm Speculation debuts on November 14-16, 2019 at 7:01 pm.

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