New Year, New Staff

Trinity Hughes

Featuring our fresh faculty

Maple Lake High School welcomes three new staff members to our community. Mr. Elston, Mr. Inforzato, and Mrs. Thompson are very excited for the new year and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach for our community. 

Mr. Elston who specializes in special ed, enjoys helping students and offers his assistance to help and better them throughout the year. Mr. Elston loves and cares about his job because for him, it is a way he can make connections with his students and hopefully give them a great and memorable school year. Mr. Elston enjoys Maple Lake because the staff and administrative are friendly and the community is very supportive of the school. Mr. Elston’s job gives him the opportunity to help and care for his students, which is what he loves to do. “It’s enjoyable for me to hopefully spark something in a student, that’s why I got into teaching,” said Elston.

Our second newest staff member, Mr. Inforzato, who specializes in teaching health, phy ed, and coaching football, enjoys being with his students and loves that he gets the opportunity to teach at Maple Lake. Mr. Inforzato said he loves everything about his job and enjoys helping and interacting with his students by giving the assistance and positivity. “My main goal is to be the person to let people know that I care about them,” said Inforzato

Maple Lake’s third newest staff member Mrs. Thompson, specializing in teaching science. Mrs. Thompson enjoys coming to work everyday and seeing her students and interacting and educating them. Mrs. Thompson loves her classes and enjoys the opportunity to connect science to people’s lives. Getting to know people and doing different activities are something she enjoys with her students. Mrs. Thompson’s main goal this year is to give people a good foundation and a good school year. “I appreciate all of  the people here at Maple Lake. I think the teachers here are great and the students all seem so happy to be here,” said Thompson.

This year at Maple Lake, we have welcomed three new staff members into our high school community.  Mr. Elston, Mr. Inforzato, and Mrs. Thompson, are all very excited to start the new year and are thrilled to give their assistance to our students. We are proud to have them at our high school.