Alley- Oop

Kiana Ennis

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Girls JV and C team- team basketball jump into new season

Starting the season with an even balance of wins and losses, the JV/C- team looks to gain more wins. The Irish have played Spectrum, Dassel-Cokato, Norwood Young America, and Milaca. The Irish have win against Spectrum and Dassel-Cokato. “It’s been going well, and it’s been fun to play with my teammates and we won two games last week so that was fun!” said Freshman Ella Kiebel.

Part of any team sport is the connections made among the teammates. Connections helps the players on the court during games. “Our season has been going better than last year. I think we are more together as a family and we are a happy family after all,” said Sophomore Kate Graham.

Along with connecting, finding the strengths of each player adds to the overall team success. “Connecting and being a team and working together,” said Freshman Sophie Pribyl, is what she focuses on for  strength.

Having teams strengths is very important for a team to experience success during the season. Alone with connecting, fundamentals are always a needed skill. “We need to work on doing the basics even though we are tired and we need to stay conditioned,” said Freshman Alison Zander. The Irish hope to earn more wins with teamwork and skill development.

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