Chlorine is my Cologne

Kayla Hanson

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Chlorine is my Cologne

Buffalo boys swim & dive team Jumps into a new season


Swimming . Some may say the only sport with no times or timeouts. Despite not having timeouts or half times, swimmers still find ways to spend time with their teammates. “My favorite thing about swimming would be my teammates because everybody gets along and we all have a great time during practice and especially at team events,” said Senior Dylan Neska.


Team dinners or just team bonding time in general are great ways to become closer with your teammates and make new friends. “My goals for this season are to make as many  friends as possible, have fun and also make it to state,” said Eighth grader Evan Krasnow.


For some, making it to state and being perfect all season long isn’t their only focus and goal. “My favorite event is probably the 200 free. I have been swimming it for a while and it’s the one I’m the best at,” said Junior Dakota Malwitz.


Along with building endurance, maintaining a healthy heart and lungs, swimmers also make many friends and reach new goals being on a swim team.

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