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Maggie Larson, Writer

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 Block This!

     JV volleyball attack a new season

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right” -Henry Ford. This quote summarizes the season for the JV volleyball players. “We just have to believe in ourselves, stay positive, and keep our heads up,” said Sophomore Kiana Ennis.


The season was overall a success, however, there were a few plays that stood out. “One time a ball bounced off my face and Kendra Jude dived to pop it up and we got it over the net. It was really funny and we got the point,” said Sophomore Megan Lind.


The season ended in a bang with a win against Delano and before that a win against BBE. “We played our best at the BBE game. We had really good energy and, and made great plays,” said Freshman Allison Zander. Zander is one of the two setters on the team.

Over the year the Irish team learned how to work together which made them a better team. “We all get so pumped on game days and we all love to play with each other,” said Sophomore Lexy Bakeberg. Bakeberg is a right side and gets 10-12 kills during a game.


The team did a good job this year by learning to work together, accomplishing some new goals, and improving on individual skills. The year ended as a winning season 28-8.    

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