Making a Difference

Kayla Hanson, Writer

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 Making a Difference

 One F.O.R All

Helping within your community, school, or even neighborhood to make a change is bound to make a person feel good. “I joined Rachel’s Challenge because I wanted to make a difference in the world and try to make someone smile everyday and make them feel better, and Rachel’s Challenge is teaching me how to do that,” said Junior and member/leader of F.O.R Club, Mikayla Koss.

Clearly even the littlest things can brighten someone’s day. “I like knowing that I’m being a part of something more and knowing that you are helping others,”said another member of Rachel’s Challenge, Madeline Gindele.

Helping to change for the better is a new approach to leadership. Rachel’s Challenge added grade level leaders this year. Being a leader doesn’t always mean you are in charge and control everything. “Having leaders helps us keep an agenda throughout the year and doing things like Unity Day and We Scare Hunger for Halloween are things we do every year, but we are always open to new ideas,” said the leader of it all, Mrs. Stang.

F.O.R Club continues to have a positive impact on many student’s lives and the leaders hope to improve their effectiveness with helping others in the future!

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