Attacks while rebuilding

Kiana Ennis, Writer

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 Attacks while rebuilding

 Varsity volleyball team goes on to playoffs

The varsity volleyball team ended 21-13 in the regular season and now they go to fight in the postseason. Helping the Irish advance is their attitude.


“One of my favorite motivation is when our team and the crowd has a lot of energy so we have a good atmosphere,” said Freshman Taylor Hess.


The Irish came off a 32-0 season, so this year they had to find their new strengths with new players. “The game that was the most fun was BBE because we all played to achieve the same goal of being conference champs,” said Junior Megan Carlson.


Playing volleyball is better when it’s loud in the gym after all.


“Our game vs. Howard Lake was crazy wild. They came to Maple Lake expecting to beat us and we beat them 3-1. The fans were really loud and we played super well as a whole,” said Freshman Ella Kiebel.


While not undefeated like last year, the team maintains strength and depth from the players.

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